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It’s important to note that USPS and UPS currently do not offer delivery services to Military Bases. Orders directed to these locations will be placed on indefinite hold, and future purchasing privileges on our site may be restricted at our discretion.

Once your order is handed over to the carrier and leaves our facility, is no longer accountable for its status or whereabouts. Any attempts to cancel or initiate a chargeback after an order has been placed or shipped will be deemed fraudulent and a breach of our Terms of Service. In such instances, we reserve the right to bar you from making purchases on any of our websites or those of our affiliated companies.

Should we suspect any fraudulent, coercive, or dubious activities in your dealings with, as solely determined by us, we may share your details with other entities that identify high fraud risks. This could lead to other businesses refusing to engage with you or commenting on your interactions with

By requesting order cancellations, refunds, or trying to influence the outcome of your order, you acknowledge and agree to all potential repercussions as defined by, at our sole discretion, both presently and in the future.

While we strive to address all customer service inquiries promptly, we cannot assure a guaranteed response time. Please be mindful that any information shared with’s customer service, regardless of the communication method, is not subject to privacy expectations. uses a USPS address verification system. If we cannot verify your address, our customer service team will try to contact you via phone or email. This might delay your order. If we don’t get a response within 48 hours from our final contact attempt (details of which will be communicated via voicemail and/or email), your order may be cancelled and refunded without your agreement.

Depending on your order’s value, our customer service might reach out for additional verification to confirm the order’s accuracy and legitimacy. This verification might delay your order’s fulfillment. Similar to address verification, lack of response within 48 hours from our final attempt may lead to your order being cancelled and refunded without your consent.

Please remember that shipping times are estimates and can change at any moment for any reason.

We also offer Route Shipping Insurance as an option to protect your packages during transit. Choosing not to opt for Route Shipping Insurance means you forego coverage for your order, and cannot be held responsible for any lost, delayed, missing, stolen, or damaged packages. If you have opted for Route Shipping Insurance and face any shipment or delivery issues, please contact Route Shipping Insurance directly for assistance.

For any queries or concerns, feel free to contact our customer service team. We endeavor to respond as promptly as possible, though responses are not guaranteed.

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